Whats Trending on Twitter - Korea

Check out today's (Sunday 29th January 2023) Top Twitter Trending Topics in Korea. Trends last updated just now. The list of today's top twitter trending hashtags is as follows:
Rank Trending Hashtag / Topic Tweet Count
1 남성과 연애함 Below 10k
2 유플러스 Below 10k
3 BL세계관 Below 10k
4 #큥_데뷔11주년_축하해 17.6K
5 설명보고 Below 10k
6 #인용으로_이_트친_오프_후기 Below 10k
7 길고양이 17.5K
8 트레일러 Below 10k
9 이재현 얼굴 Below 10k
10 수학의정석 Below 10k
11 회색도시 Below 10k
12 델리만쥬 Below 10k
13 #코스어_트친소 12.2K
14 야구배트 Below 10k
15 엘지 인터넷 Below 10k
16 서바이벌 프로그램 Below 10k
17 올스타전 17.8K
18 #코코페_트친소 Below 10k
19 아이소 후기 Below 10k
20 선입금 수령 Below 10k
21 샘스미스 Below 10k
22 피처링 라인업 Below 10k
23 오케스트라 Below 10k
24 #경수와_걸어온_11년 19.3K
25 상연오빠 Below 10k
26 커버곡 녹음 Below 10k
27 축구선수와 연애 Below 10k
28 마이크쿤 Below 10k
29 더보이즈 51.4K
30 가라오케 Below 10k
31 일타스캔들 Below 10k
32 꼬들 394 Below 10k
33 MBTI별 Below 10k
34 어디계세 Below 10k
35 선재해이 Below 10k
36 화력체크 Below 10k
37 돌박이일 Below 10k
38 뜻의 팀명 Below 10k
39 MBTI 테스트 결과 Below 10k
40 다국적 3세대 Below 10k
41 마다 로고 Below 10k
42 여러분 큰일 Below 10k
43 우지 소나기 Below 10k
44 LG 인터넷 Below 10k
45 뮤비 스밍 Below 10k
46 사본 장르 Below 10k
47 음주여부 Below 10k
48 부석순 피처링 Below 10k
49 도망타입 Below 10k
50 빡치는 장르 Below 10k

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Top twitter trending hashtags in Korea

You can use this page to see what's trending on Twitter in Korea. The site automatically pulls recent hashtags and topics from the official API every 30 minutes so you'll always be up-to-date with today’s most talked about trends! You should also bookmark our website for more information about what is popular among people living there or elsewhere across various social media platforms like instagram youtube Facebook etc.

How to see what's trending on Twitter?

Did you know Twitter has a trending topics section to see what's popular in Korea, right now?

If you're looking for the latest trends on Twitter it can be hard to find. You may have heard that there is something called 'trending hashtags', but what does this mean and how do you go about finding them? Read on to find out.

Trending Hashtags?

If you've ever wondered what trends are popular on Twitter in Korea, you need to be looking at trending hashtags. A hashtag is the '#' symbol that's used next to words or phrases (without spaces) in tweets, and it helps people find these related posts by searching for that term.

So if you want to know what hashtags are popular on Twitter, you need to look at the hashtag cloud (a list of related terms that links words together with hashtags) in the Trending section or you can get the updated list from our website i.e. twitter trending list.

How does Twitter trending work?

Twitter's trending topic algorithm is "one of the best-kept secrets in tech," according to a former Twitter engineer.

Twitter Trends show you topics that are currently being discussed more than others within the Twitter universe. This is a measure of velocity and it refers to how fast these mentions are spreading, not total volume of mentions.

Twitter has confirmed that its trending algorithm is real, but it doesn't release detailed information about how it works in order to avoid gaming. If I had to guess there are three things that they look at when deciding what's trending:

  • the number of tweets with a hashtag or keyword in it over some period of time (like the last hour)
  • the number of different people using the hashtag or keywords
  • how often hashtags are repeated within trends

I'm assuming this because most trends are due to one or more big news stories around the world. Since only tweets with hashtags count toward determining whether something is trending, there needs to be enough volume showing up on Twitter for long enough that Twitter can detect an upward trend.

So, I'm guessing that Twitter's trending algorithm has some parameter controlling the number of tweets with a given hashtag needed to trigger an upward trend or just determine whether something is present. If this parameter is set too low it will be very easy to affect what's trending by posting enough related tweets with hashtags for long enough. On the other hand if it's set too high there won't be anything on most people's trending lists due to lack of volume.

How to see worldwide trends on Twitter?

Today's world is connected by social media. Social media helps us to connect more than just with our friends, but also with the whole world. We can talk about what we are doing, feel more connected, and of course, share content more easily.

In order to see worldwide trends on Twitter, go to here. You can see lots of worldwide trending hashtags.